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Strategic Partners


Evolution is an advisory firm based in China, with operations in Hong Kong and Singapore. We have a very close working relationship with several international funds, and represent them in originating and executing investment opportunities. In addition, we are co-managers of a real estate and hospitality private equity fund

Together, the three founding partners have more than 40 years of international experience with a leading global investment bank, top tier management consulting and advisory firms, and Fortune 500 companies in areas such as investments, initial public offering (IPO), mergers and acquisitions (M&A), fund raising, and strategy


Due to our Managing Directors professional experiences in investment banking, consulting, and law, Evolution has the unique advantage of being able to provide advice to our clients from a financial, commercial, and legal perspective. Every recommendation that we provide goes through iterations of rigorous analysis and discussions and from all angles

  Over the last two years, we have advised more than 10 public and private deals worth in excess of US$2 billion. Currently, we are evaluating or working on deals with a combined value of more than US$800 million

Evolution Capital Advisory is one of the very few appointed panel firms that provides advisory services to clients of a leading global investment banks private banking group, as well as a non bank financial institution